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Murena announced their DeGoogled version of the Fairphone 5


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Jan 12, 2021
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Murena announced their DeGoogled version of the Fairphone 5 ( yesterday, which is available for pre-order in select countries.

The Murena Fairphone is a Degoogled phone running /e/OS ( out of the box, and comes with a Murena/eCloud ( account to keep you free from Big Tech's online ecosystem and privacy invasions

Fairphones are designed to be easily repairable and focus on all sorts of blah, blah feel good sustainability and fairness.

The Murena Fairphone 5 ( is NOT currently available in the USA, but they did release their Fairphone 4 to the USA ( about a month ago after running a trial campaign in the USA ( You can see all of Murena's products available in the USA at

Here is Fairphone's 👉🏻 video (
) that goes into the details of their Fairphone 5 and what it is all about.
/e/OS (


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