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Kubuntu 23.10 strikes a perfect balance of form and function.


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Jan 12, 2021
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I've been exploring KDE Plasma since back in the day when KDE stood for K Desktop Environment and it never ceased to feel like it would crash any minute. Fortunately, those days have long since passed and KDE Plasma is one of the more stable, efficient, elegant, and user-friendly desktops on the market.

Ubuntu 23.10 has any say in the matter, you will believe it because the latest release of the official Ubuntu Spin makes a very strong case for that very thing. Kubuntu 23.10 offers a beautiful desktop that makes using Linux as easy as possible.

At the heart of Kubuntu 23.10 is KDE Plasma 5.27.8, which might not include any brilliant new features (since version 5.27.0 was released) but it does offer plenty of polish, the usual bug fixes, and even a 23-year-old feature request to hide application temp files within the Dolphin file manager.