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Peppermint Mini: A Lightweight Distro With All The Essentials.


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Jan 12, 2021
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As one of the most lightweight and flexible Linux distros around, Peppermint OS has been a good choice for those who want a Linux distro that takes up less space, with the freedom to tweak their experience as they like.

The recent release of Peppermint OS features Debian 12 release at its core. It included important improvements that resulted in better performance.

However, it seems that was not the end of it. The developers have introduced a new variant of Peppermint OS “Peppermint Mini” that allows for more control over the distro with a tiny ISO size.

Peppermint Mini is an alternative to the fully-fledged Peppermint OS ISOs that comes in at a very compact 100-180 MB size. These “Mini” builds use the Debian installer for performing a net installation.

They have made 32-bit/64-bit builds in two distinct flavors, Debian and Devuan.

The installer follows a familiar approach to what you find on the main Peppermint OS builds, but with the difference being in the ability to choose things such as the desktop environment, the init system, zonedstorage server, and more.

Interested in a sneak peek?

Well, I took the Devuan flavored mini ISO for a test run, and I was impressed. Allow me to show you what Peppermint Mini has to offer.

When I started the installation, the usual Language/Region options showed up, after setting that up, the installer started to configure the network automatically.
You can get 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Peppermint Mini in either Debian or Devuan flavors. I highly suggest you head over to the official website and grab the image of your choice.


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