VR browser Wolvic 1.3.4


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Jan 12, 2021
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VR browser Wolvic 1.3.4 released .

Wolvic, the browser for virtual and mixed reality, was released in version 1.3.4. Igalia has released Wolvic 1.3.4. Wolvic is a browser for virtual and mixed reality, which is based on the discontinued Firefox Reality.
Innovations of Wolvic 1.3.4 With Wolvic 1.3.4, the hand gesture has been changed to navigate back one page, making the action less likely to be performed accidentally.
Various Android libraries have been updated so that Wolvic can be used on devices that use more modern APIs.
It also fixes possible crashes for some users. Adjustments were made in response to changes made by YouTube that made it harder to find immersive videos and caused UI issues.
Added support for more 360° video and photo sites.
Kiosk mode has received several improvements, including the addition of back/forward navigation. It is now also possible to change the window size. For App Lab users, there is a new dialog designed to encourage users to migrate to the official Meta Store version.
There are also a number of other fixes and improvements under the hood.